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We Make Information . . .

Easy to Understand

Our Technical Writers and Copy Editors create high-quality documents using clear, direct language. Explanations are specific and appropriate for the subject and audience. We use technical writing best-practices for grammar, presentation, voice, tense and tone.

Easy to Use

Our Technical Editors make sure that your information is task-oriented and presented from the user's point of view. All details and references are accurate. Information patterns ensure complete and consistent coverage for all topics.

If you have existing documents from several different writers or departments, a Technical Editor can rework the information so that it appears to have come from a single source.

Easy to Explore

Our Information Architects organize your information so that it makes sense to the audience. Good navigation and search mechanisms help the audience find the information they need. A high-quality document is visually effective and easy to scan.

If you don't know whether your information should be produced as one document or several, you need the services of an Information Architect.

We Create Documents . . .

For Doing Things


  • user guides
  • quick-start guides
  • installation manuals
  • online help
  • training materials

For Reference


  • style guides
  • quick-reference cards
  • configuration manuals
  • programmers' manuals
  • research reports
  • data sheets

For Project Planning


  • proposals
  • requirements specifications
  • design specifications
  • release notes

For Marketing


  • flyers
  • newsletters
  • web site content