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We Are Technical Publications Specialists

Before writing begins on a technical document, the information must be researched and carefully designed so that the final document meets the needs of the intended users. Tasks or topics are identified and the user group is defined. The resulting intersection of data, known as the User-Topic Matrix, determines the structure and organization of the proposed document or set of documents.

When the research and analysis of an information project is complete, a clear and complete plan for the implementation of the information design will provide specific project details. Those things that are hard to estimate at the start of a project, such as size of the document(s) or time required for completion, become much easier to determine.

We Are Skilled in . . .

Information Architecture  

We analyse information and design the organization, presentation and navigational structures required to present that information.

Information Gathering  

We quickly learn new skills and procedures. We enjoy researching products and gathering information.


Our writing is concise, clear, complete, accurate, audience-specific, and uses correct grammar and punctuation.

Visual Design  

We communicate ideas visually. We have a high level of skill in typography and page design.


We interview subject matter experts (SMEs) effectively to draw out necessary information.

Usability Testing  

We test the usability of documentation and incorporate the results of those tests.


We are comfortable with technical subjects and familiar with the product development cycle. We have experience with iterative software development and can implement best practices for the design, development and production of technical information.


We are expert users of the industry-standard tools used for technical documentation.


We are familiar with SAT (the Systems Approach to Training) and are skilled in providing an andragogical approach to learning.

We Are Adaptive and Creative

We are persistent, patient and creative when dealing with challenges.

We Are Experienced

Excelsior is a Canadian company that has been creating technical publications since 1993. We have successfully completed projects in several Canadian provinces.